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"Only in the sense that I'm a Jersey boy. They're Holsteins, actually. They give more milk with less fat than other breeds."

"The milk I buy must come from Holsteins then. I always buy low-fat. What kind of cows make skim milk?"

"That's not exactly the way it works, Livy." I sighed. "I think I may have to take you on a tour of a dairy someday."

We also used our time in the barn to take some pictures for Dream Dates. Livy had already taken a few of me shirtless in my jeans, tossing feed to the chickens. Now she got some of me with the cows. I pulled the tractor out of the barn and she took some with me on it, the barn and silo in the background. There was a pair of overalls and a straw cowboy hat hanging on a hook in the barn and she suggested some pictures with me wearing them as well. As I stripped off my jeans she decided some nude shots would be a good idea.

"They won't use pictures like that on the fatmomtube web site. It may be an escort service but the site is pretty conservative, suggestive but not pornographic. You've seen the pictures they have on it."

"Nudity doesn't have to be pornographic. I'll make sure your floppy isn't showing. Now drop the boxers. I've seen it all before."

So I did as she asked and we repeated all of the earlier shots, this time with me just wearing the straw hat and my boots. The ones with the chickens were the most daring since I was out in the open yard in full view of the road, but fortunately no cars went by. In spite of the new subdivisions at either end of the road there still wasn't all that much traffic. I found the whole thing very erotic and had to really focus to keep from getting aroused. Livy would not have appreciated my floppy getting hard. I was relieved when she decided she had enough pics and I was able to get dressed again.

When we went back into the house there was a message on the answering machine to call Barbara from fatmomtube.

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